Soulja Slim

Happy Birthday, Soulja Slim!
The No Limit clique ran deep during its heyday, but the famed label -- and by extension, hip-hop -- had to endure its share of losses. One of them is Soulja Slim. The New Orleans native, who grew up in the Magnolia Projects, would've turned 38 years old today (Sept. 9).
Soulja Slim’s Cousin Twelve A’Klok Killed in New Orleans
New Orleans rapper Twelve A'Klok was shot and killed on Monday, Aug. 2.
Born Argell White, Twelve A'Klok was a member of rap group/label Cut Throat Committee, which featured rappers Re-Nitty, Doubla Crossa, Logga Black and Twelve A'Klok's cousin, former No Limit rapper Soulja Slim…