Battle rap fans got a special treat when a live cypher took place at the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday (Oct. 13). T-Top, Rain 910, Charlie Clips, DNA and K-Shine demonstrated their lyrical talents and didn't hold back.

T-Top was the first to grab the mic and set the bar high for the crew. "Somebody get me out the hood, man, time is ticking / Last year a n---- could've been a homi' victim / I was stuffing 20 pounds in a Honda Civic Like f--- the law as long as my Momma wit' it," the Bear Witness creator delivers. He also crushed couplets, like "I'm from the gutter, why would I listen to y'all opinion / The voice box ain't the same wit' a hollow in it."

In a twist of events, instead of going for dolo, K-Shine and DNA decide to take a page out of the book of Jadakiss and Styles P and kick a back and forth routine that would rival the most historic of duos. "BET Awards, that's a fact / I'm 'Charged Up,' let's kill this s--- 'Back to Back," they barked. The pair even cleverly name-dropped BET shows of the past with standout bars, like "They want killers on the cypher, now they Access Granted."

New York's own Charlie Clips also stepped into the battle royal with some A-1 bars of his own. "Black power, s--- I just give em' some bars / Miracle Whip, soft white, sit in a jar," he serves. Unabashed about the severity of his content, Clips takes no prisoners, spitting, "Fiends saying it's all right like Kendrick Lamar For the Dough Boy, I'll let this Trey into ya' car."

Underground veteran Rain 910 decides to rage against the system during his time on the mic, spitting "Cop drew his pistol with my hands up high" tell em' I ain't scared of nothing, this a perfect day to die." He also expresses his pain of seeing African-Americans gunned down with the solemn bar, "Now picture us hand-in-hand / I shed tears when I see pictures of Sandra Bland."

Their moment to shine onstage may have been saved for last, but this cypher was certainly well worth the wait.

For more information about the show, visit the BET Hip Hop Awards online here.

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