After announcing via Twitter that his third album would be titled 'The Perception of Greatness,' Swizz Beatz turned to the social networking site to share his change of plans. While in a studio session with Mary J. Blige last night in New York City, Swizzy unveiled his new album title 'Haute Living,' stating that it's the perfect phrase to represent what he's all about.

"My new album is (Haute Living) because thats my art, fashion, music, life style Haute means the highest level!" he tweeted. "Swizz Beatz present @hauteliving the album for music art fashion for our people ......... Get with the HAUTE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!"

The name change coincides with Swizz's recent label swap. The 31-year-old hitmaker recently parted ways with Universal Motown Records for Everest Entertainment and Atlantic/Warner Records to release his second solo record.

'Haute Living,' due in stores later this year, is said to feature guest appearances from Blige, Drake, Coldplay, John Legend, T.I. and Jay-Z. It's the rapper's first solo release since 2007's 'One Man Band Man,' which spawned the singles 'Money in the Bank' and 'It's Me Bitches.'