Swedish rapper David Moses Jassy was sentenced to 15-years-to-life on Thursday (March 4) by a Los Angeles judge for running over and killing a pedestrian in November 2008.

This past February, a jury found the 35-year old guilty of second degree murder, assault and battery in the death of activist and jazz pianist John Osnes. According to prosecutors, Jassy, who also goes by the name David Monopoly, was revving his SUV into a four-way crosswalk in Hollywood that was full of pedestrians when Osnes banged on the hood of the rapper's rental car as a warning. Call it road rage supreme, Jassy got out of the car, punched and kicked Osnes, who was on his way back from a restaurant, in the head. Despite witnesses trying to detain the rapper, Jassy got back into his SUV and ran over Osnes' limp body as he sped away.

Although Jassy testified that he never meant to hurt the 55-year-old Osnes, the Los Angeles judicial system had little remorse.

In the past, the rapper had made contributions to the tween soundtracks 'High School Musical' and 'Bring it On: In It to Win It.'