Last March, we told you about a new version of Serato, the leading digital DJ platform, based around the work and life of legendary producer J Dilla. The package, which was a collaboration between the software company and Dilla's former home, Stones Throw Records, sported two brand new vinyl records that contained six unreleased tracks from the producer as well as some excellent turntable mats.

Now, after a good five months on the market, Stones Throw has officially released those Dilla tracks to the public in a suave new EP package, and you can grab the whole deal on the label's website for free by clicking here.

The EP comes with three brand new, never-before-released bangers, including the Men Without Hats-sampling 'Safety Dance,' 'Sycamore' and 'Bars & Twists.' The pack also includes three instrumentals that have appeared on albums from Dilla's frequent collaborators and industry friends.

First up is 'History' - a beat used by Mos Def on 'The Ecstatic,' which formed a backdrop for a Black Star reunion with Talib Kweli. Second is 'Move,' which was used by Q-Tip on 2008's 'The Renaissance' and beautifully samples Michael Jackson. Finally, the EP closes-out with the Busta Rhymes number 'Can't Hold a Torch.'

This is the first time that all three new tracks and instrumental versions of the collaborations have been available. Download the set and make sure your Dilla archives stay up to date.