When Akon makes his way over to Sri Lanka for his upcoming concert, it looks like he won't be met with open arms. On Monday (March 22), a reported 200 protesters gathered outside of the Maharaja Organization -- the Sri Lankan media headquarters sponsoring the April concert -- throwing stones to show their disdain for the singer's appearance next month. Four workers from Maharaja were injured, cars parked around the building were vandalized, and several windows in the building were broken. The protesters also left behind placards reading 'Stop Akon Show' to get their point across.

Some citizens of the predominately Buddhist South Asian country accuse Akon of degrading their religion and its main figure, Buddha. In his video 'Sexy Chick,' with DJ David Guetta, women can be seen dressed in revealing clothing and dancing near a statue of the religious figure.

According to its website, the Maharaja Organization is Sri Lanka's single largest group of private sector companies. Its multi-media ventures include three television and four radio channels. Akon is scheduled to perform in the country's capital city of Colombo April 20.

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