Spliff Star, the always reliable hype man and dear friend of Busta Rhymes, is on the mend after undergoing heart surgery on Thursday (May 24).

Starr, whose real name is William A. Lewis, has an undisclosed life-threatening condition that was affecting how his heart was functioning. After the surgery, Bussa-Buss was able to Facetime, his dear old friend in the hospital. The veteran rapper also shared a screenshot of their conversation on his Instagram page.

"I’m the happiest mu’fucka in the world right now seeing my brother for the 1st time since his heart procedure earlier today...," he wrote. "My bro made it through successfully and again the Lion Heart and Gladiator spirit that my brother has is too powerful, so jut know when my bro finish healing you mu’fucka’s will have the BIGGEST PROBLEMS Tk deal with when we touch that fuckin’ stage!!!! Stay tuned!!! Again thanks for all the prayers and all the love."

Conglomerate Entertainment president Shaheem Reid also shared an update on Spliff, saying the artist is feeling well and appreciate the fans' support. "Spoke to him today and he read every single comment you left on my page," Reid wrote on Instagram. He appreciates it all. Thank you."

Spliff and Busta have a long history together that dates back to their childhood days. Spliff has appeared in many of Busta's videos including "Gimme Some More" and "Make it Clap."

In a separate IG post, Busta saluted Spliff for his strength and perseverance through his heart surgery.

"You taught me soooooo much, and I continue to learn from you even though at times you can be a pain in the ass, but I guess that’s what big brother’s are allowed to do," he wrote. "You are truly an extremely strong Tonka truck in the flesh if I ever saw one big homie."

"Congrats on you’re successful procedure this morning King and thank you to everyone for the prayers who’s great energy contributed to the great results for my brother," he continued.

We also want to wish Spliff Star a speedy recovery as well. Salute!

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