While looking like a traditional video at first glance, Chicago's Spenzo really stepped out the box for the video for 'Heaven Can Wait.'

Initially, the visual appears to be standard fare, with scenes from the streets of Chicago mixed with scenes of Spenzo rapping to the camera in a remote field. Spenzo is seen getting ready and walking around the streets. At first, it appears that Spenzo is having a bad day, getting overlooked when trying to dap up some friends and almost getting run over by a car that seemed to ignore him.

Halfway through the video, however, Spenzo walks up to a group of people who have gathered around a memorial... for him. The viewer now realizes that the Chicago rapper has died, and that it's his spirit that is wandering around amongst the people. The spirit is full of vitality, and cannot accept its premature ending.

The concept is subtle yet stunning when fully unveiled. It fits together perfectly with the song, where Spenzo describes the successes he is currently experiencing and the ambition that he has for his rap career. As a result, he fervently asks that he "live forever," because he "ain't 'Ready To Die' like Biggie." Spenzo is speaking as a representative of Chicago's youth, showing what's at stake in Chicago's challenge with street violence.

The video closes with a Rest In Peace tribute to Trayvon Martin and Jamuris Askew. Martin, of course, was killed last year, while Askew was a sixteen-year old boy who was the victim of a shooting in Chicago's South Side in the beginning of 2013.

This fine piece of cinematic work, directed by Shomi Patwary and Thuan Tran, coincides with the release of Spenzo's 'In Spenzo We Trust' mixtape. Listen to it below.