In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week,' author Terry McMillian eats her words after tweeting Will and Jada Smith are pimping out their children, Willow and Jaden. Soulja Boy goes on a rant proclaiming he's the sexiest rapper alive, while Joe Budden and comedian Marlon Wayans exchange insults in a heated Twitter beef. And to wrap things up, Chicago rapper Ryhmefest gets serious about his campaign for alderman in Chicago.

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1. @MsTerryMcMillan (Terry McMillan): I apologize for using the word pimp and exploit in referring to the Smith children. It was insensitive of me and wrong.

2. @SouljaBoy (SouljaBoy): I'm the finest rapper alive n----, i'm the sexiest rapper alive n---- ... take a moment. Look at you. Just look at you. See what I mean? n---- i'm the beginning and the end. DONT MAKE ME TWITPIC! ... i'm on my soulja boy s--- in 2011 i'm the best prettiest sexiest richest n---- you ever seen i'm the best there's ever been immaculate ... Let's just all be honest I'm too sexy, what else is new tho? ... if my money was equivalent to my looks, I would give everyone in the world 100,00$...yeah.. it's that good.

3. @JoeBudden (Joe Budden): Lets not act like u so f---in successful @MARLONLWAYANS ... u do stand up at Roscoes, that don't make u funny n----- ... no need to get all emotional about it tho @marlonwayans ... u just not funny, no disrespect, just truth. Stop actin like a b---- ... oh wait ... n----z can't even find @MARLONWAYANS in a B movies tho ... 4real, what in the f--- is he doin that make him "funny"?

4. @MarlonWayans (Marlon Wayans): Yo @JoeBudden "who let the dogs out"!!! Ring abell #1hitwondersquad ... Yo @JoeBudden you are bobby mcfarrin w/lyrics. 'Don't worry be happy' #1hitwondersquad ... Yo @JoeBudden Wikipedia don't even list you as a person, they think you are a COMET. Ol' once in a lifetime career a-- ... Yo @JoeBudden yo cheap jewelry look like that gold plated choclate medallion candy ... Yo @JoeBudden yo new album is called DEAD ON ARRIVAL

5. @Rhymefest (Rhymefest): We are almost 4 weeks away from Election Day ... Chicago -- we have the chance to change our neighborhood & our city. It is our civic duty!

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