As Soulja Boy prepares for his upcoming boxing match against Chris Brown, the rapper has been talking with the media and delivering more pettiness to Breezy. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, the “Crank That” rapper revealed that his beef with Brown stems from the fact that he hanged out with Rihanna when they were dating.

Apparently, Ri-Ri requested Soulja’s presence at her hotel for a day of Netflix and chill. The Atlanta rhymer told Hollywood Unlocked that he went to her hotel room, and watched the movie Pineapple Express with her and her two friends. He also smoked some bud. This incident reportedly is why Brown had so much animosity towards Soulja.

As Soulja continues to talk recklessly, he goes on to talk about the February 2009 incident in which Brown assaulted Rihanna hours before the Grammy Awards telecast.

“This n---- damn near [killed] this girl bro. She had to jump out the Lamborgini running for her life,” he said. “That’s what the beef really stems from. It stems from Rihanna.”

We have no clue why Soulja Boy is dry snitching on Brown, but maybe this is a tactic to throw the singer off his game come fight time. Who knows?

Soulja Boy has also been steadily trolling the singer on his Instagram account as well. Recently, the rapper posted several photos of himself with an unidentified woman. In one photo, he's hugging on the woman and the caption reads, "I f---ed so many of Chris' girls, maybe that's why he mad." All of the other photos have since been deleted.

Th Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown fight is reportedly scheduled to place on Jan. 28 in Las Vegas.

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