After a brief hiatus, indie rapper SonReal is back to exclusively premiere his new music video for his latest single, “Potential,” on The Boombox.

Directed by Dane Collison, the inspirational visual features the Vancouver native’s down-to-earth side as he travels through the streets of China. At one point, SonReal visits a park where people are mediating and playing ping-pong. The 31-year-old then invites several people to join him in his video shoot, much to their delight.

SonReal's song is uplifting anthem for the underdogs who've pursued their dreams for years in hopes of achieving success. "I want to leap for ya / I want to try for ya / I want to start with cha / By what's inside for ya / I want to change my ways / I want to turn the page / I want to write it better / Take time and recite it better," he raps at the start of the video.

SonReal has been an underdog for several years now. A couple of years ago, after years of DIY hustle, he signed with Capitol Records and scored a platinum hit with "Can I Get a Witness." But he left the label due to creative differences.

Now back on his own, SonReal is ready to show his true potential and be the kind of artist that he always dreamed of being growing up in Vancouver.

"Who cares what they say / They don't know about us / Call my ass crazy / I still be shining," raps SonReal on "Potential."

Check out the "Potential" video above.

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