Is Slow of the fashion and rap collective Slowbucks a snitch or is he just protecting his brand?

That's what many people have been trying to determine ever since he and his lawyer, John P. Bostany, held a press conference last week regarding the now infamous chain snatching -- allegedly ordered by 50 Cent -- that occurred at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert in New York City.

Some were surprised the Slowbucks founder hired a civil investigator, and they took the time to air him out on Twitter. "Shoutout the coward @SlowBucks for snitching on the homie, A.K.A. Tio, #MikeyFingers," tweeted booking agent Mike Lighty. The tweet has since been deleted.

Soon after, Slow hit up Instagram to defend himself and the Slowbucks brand by saying he isn't a snitch. "I see this snitching s--- is getting outta hand," he wrote.

"Da news conference ya'll viewed was not about pressing charges or anything like that, it was about brand management. Da brand consultant was explaining da case 2 a panel of P.R., in an attempt 2 try 2 pull some bread out 4 da SlowBucks brand. However, the media will always show ya'll what they want you 2 see. We not entertaining no police."

And that wasn't all Slow said. He also posted a photo with the following words: "Ya'll n----s got us f---ed up with this snitch s---," the photo read. "We come from outside, and we gone be outside. We ain't never been into that type of s---."

But here's the irony with hiring a civil investigator to protect the Slowbucks brand. Many will say Slow damaged his brand more by holding a press conference instead of letting things eventually subside. In hip-hop realms, once you're branded a snitch, it's hard to shake that title off. So it'll be interesting to see if Slow made a wise decision or if he acted in haste. Only time will tell.