Former R&B superstar Sisqo got into a little tussle with Jagged Edge crooner Kyle "Quick" Norman. No this is not a joke. Apparently, an R&B beef has been brewing between the two and it came to a head at a show in California over the weekend.

It all went down backstage at a R&B throwback concert. Sisqo tried to bless the J.E. member with a proper fade but failed miserably. Norman was able to get the upper hand and thrash the Dru Hill singer across the room.

According to eyewitnesses, who posted a 15-second video on Instagram, both men accepted their lumps and shook hands afterward.

"Sisqo & Kyle from Jagged Edge caught the rare FADE backstage at Concord Pavilion yesterday & being the boxing promoter that he is @mobetta_mochedda caught it all on tape !!! #SomethingInTheBayWater #TheyShookHandsLikeMenAfter," read the caption on an Instagram video of the brawl.

No word on why Sisqo and Norman had beef. Although, during an interview with Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club,' Norman did reveal he had an issue with Sisqo.

Apparently, Jagged Edge bumped into Sisqo in an elevator and he didn't speak to them. Sisqo claims he was half asleep so he didn't see them, to which Norman replied, "Stay sleep then bitch."

Well, at least Sisqo and Norman were able to settle their beef like grown men.

Watch Sisqo & Jagged Edge's Kyle Norman Fight