Have we not learn from Pepsi’s disastrous Kendall Jenner ad? Shea Moisture, a black-owned haircare company, decided to release an ad that is clearly marketing to white women, as well. Many people on Twitter feel that the ad is another example of whitewashing in advertising.

In the ad above, a black girl with curly hair talks about she hated her natural hair and how Shea Moisture has made her love her coif more. Intercut to another scene and a white girl is raving about how the product has saved her from a bad hair day.

But the question here is - do white women actually used Shea Moisture?

Some would argue “No,” which is why the hair company is getting dragged on Twitter. Folks are accusing Shea Moisture of “gentrifying” their ad to appeal to white people.

Critics on Twitter have been royally dragging the company on their timelines. Some people support Shea Moisture's attempt to broaden the marketplace with their product, while others feel they are abandoning black women in order to cross over into the white haircare industry.

"Black women have supported and gave free press to Shea Moisture for YEARS. And then they have a "hair hate" commercial with white women?" tweeted one woman. "I'm not mad at Shea Moisture for trying to cross over. However this ad completely neglects the women who've been there since day one," wrote one user.

Read people's reaction below.

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