We guess one easy to way to grab the attention of a rapper (or in this case, a rapper-slash-NBA legend) is to name yourself after them. That plan's obviously worked out for budding Toronto MC ShaqIsDope, who's lured out the real Shaquille O'Neal from his rap retirement to help him remix Future's 'Karate Chop' smash.

The Big Aristotle leads the way with a gruff opening verse that sounds like he's imitating Tech N9ne and Future Hendrix at the same (damn) time. It's been over a decade since Shaq Fu last touched the mic, so we'll give some slack for the sloppy flow. But with references to Drake, Rick Ross and 'No New Friends,' he proves he's not a dinosaur just yet.

Once you hear the 41-year-old ex-baller rhyme, "Chicks see me, they get wet/ Swimming pool," you'll be dying of laughter before you can even get to the other Shaq's verse.

[Via Complex]