Scarface and Beanie Sigel fans will be happy to learn that the duo are apparently 12 songs deep into their long-awaited collaboration album Mac & Brad, and will have an album out sometime next year, according to a recent interview with MTV.

"We doin' songs, I got six, he got six," Scarface revealed. "It's a process that we go through to do this album."

"It's a reality now; you know our word is our bond. We said we gonna do somethin', we gonna do it," Beanie added, via iPhone.

Unfortunately things have changed a bit since the duo recorded their first collaboration on Beanie's 1999 single "Mac & Brad," and solidified their chemistry in the booth on Face's 2002 hit "Guess Who's Back" with Kanye West and Jay-Z.

"I used to have everybody's number on speed dial like that," Scarface explained. "I hit Jay-Z, and Jay-Z pick up on the first ring. Now I might hit Jay-Z and I might not hear from him for two years."

"I used to call Kanye, Kanye pick up on the first ring, now Kanye don't even got no phone, that's how much times have changed," he concluded.

We're not sure where a papa Hov or leather skirt-wearing 'Ye would fit on a Face and Beanie track at this point, so it's probably for the best.

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