Tyson "Black Ty" Beckford appeared on Bravo tv show 'Watch What Happens Live,' and allegedly responded to the question "What man would [Tyson] want to be with?" with the following gem, "Well I don't actually go that way ... but I noticed a lot of people think I do. It would have to be Barack Obama ... I would be the one in control... well who did you think I was gonna say? Will Smith?? There is just something about Barack Obama." He then followed up by saying "And I'd have Michelle hold the camera." Wait 'til the "pause police" hear about that. [MediaTakeout]

Ghostface dropped some knowledge for all your playas, wondering how to handle a catfight between your two main chicks. "If it's just a chick that you f-----', and you want to be with your girl like that, then n---- you better save your girl. Be a little bit more in your girl's favor than the other girl's favor, you feel me? Cause if you know you goin' back home to that, you better make it seem like you held your girl down. But I know you wanna act like you wanna do the same s--- for the other one and make it seem that way too, but n---- you live with this one. This is the one you love, you know what I mean? so I guess, try to protect her a little bit more than the other one, if that's the case...but after you do that, and you take your wiz and you get her back to the crib, you better make sure you go talk to her too, immediately." [NahRight]