PETA Vice President, Dan Matthews recently commented on Kanye West and Amber Rose's fur coats on the PETA blog. "Kanye can't help making himself look like an idiot, whether at an award's show or a fashion show. He and his girlfriend look like pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo." Yowch. [PETA]

Rap's elite continue to, er, expose themselves via Twitter. This week, everyone weighed in on the NFL Playoff action between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. "Overtime Brett u get the #DFA dumb f--k award for that last play smfh...They f--king with my blood pressure," tweeted a histrionic Slim Thug. David Banner chipped in with some criticism in the form of a nursery rhyme, "Ball on the ground Ball on the ground you looking like a fool with the ball on the ground." But DJ Scratch took the cake, with his wtf tweet (or maybe we just missed it?): "If Reggie Bush add Ray J's j-z to the football then he won't ever drop it." OK, then. [RapRadar]

Talib Kweli discussed his recent Reflection Eternal mixtape, and how some people just don't do the knowledge on his facial hair situation. "When I listen to the mixtape, sometimes I forget how dope we are. It was important people did the knowledge. You might not know I'm on my seventh album or that Hi-Tek dropped three solo albums. People in the mainstream culture come up and say, 'Talib, where's your beard?' I haven't had a beard in 10 years." Yo, it's really not that serious. [MTV]