On Nas' new song with Damian Marley, 'Strong Will Continue,' the Queens rapper threw some shots at his ex, Kelis, with whom he is in a vicious fight over alimony. "How in the hell am i supposed to stay comfy/ when i pay child support, alimony monthly/ Got Maseratis and Ferraris only/ Like a woman that's a rider but only hoes want me." Yowch. [TheLifeFiles]

U.S. Olympic skeleton racer Katie Uhlaender is proud of her country. "Being here, with this flag on your sleeve, it's something that gives me a lot of pride," she told MTV. "There's no better country in the world than the U.S. of A. I mean, where else can you have 'Jersey Shore' on TV?" Finally, our claim to fame is a reality show based on roundups, blowups a little orange person who falls a lot and The Situation. [MTV]