Uh, Lil Flip's baby's mother put the Texas rapper on blast via an email to Bossip, recently. Here's an excerpt: "As if that weren't bad enough, this pompous a--h--- sent my 9 year old daughter (who she refers to as daddy) a text message that said and I quote 'By the way Im not your real dad, just so you'll know the truth!' on Christmas night! So I feel I have no choice but to put his sorry a-- on blast. My daughter did not deserve that, and she was so confused and upset after reading that. And I don't allow anyone to hurt my children, not even Lil Flip." Not cool Flip, not cool. [Bossip]

recently gave his take on "coke rap," and whether or not we should believe rappers these days. "No man, do you believe Steven Spielberg when he says someboyd blew a building up, or whatever? If a rapper say they they got this that and the third, everybody exaggerates to make it sound good, it doesn't matter if it's Cam'ron, it doesn't matter if it's 50 Cent, it doesn't matter if it's Jay-Z, it doesn't matter if it's...the Pharcyde, sometime people exaggerate. Don't get it twisted some of the stuff is true, but you gotta put a lil twist in there just to make it rhyme...not saying s--- is fake or nothing like that, but realistically me, if I was moving a 100 lbs a week of coke, I'd probably be rapping about weed. I would throw n----s off." Oh, we got you. Laffy taffy, happy scrappy. [YouTube]

Divorcee Earl Woods tried to give son Tiger some advice on women, but you know how kids are. "I've told Tiger that marriage is unnecessary in a mobile society like ours." A mobile society. Too bad he didn't say "Son, you're probably going to cheat with 14 or 15 chicks, and they're going to tell on you and potentially ruin your incredible career." [Bossip]