Kelis discussed her new song, "Acapella" recently, describing its sound as "very 'last woman standing'...It's like the end-of-the-world child type thing. It's got all these ethnic influences in it. There is a Native American element to it and an African element to it and an Asian element to it. It's really tribal and kind of surreal at the same time." That sounds terrible. [MTV]

Demi Moore went after Kim Kardashian via Twitter over her use of the term "Big Pimpin'." Are you using the word "pimpin" as in pimping?" Moore queried, before launching into an attack on the usage of the term. "No disrespect...but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner! If we want to end slavery we need to stop glorifying the "pimp" culture." Kardashian responded by saying "Good point!I agree! It was just a song not literal," and for once, she appeared to be the voice of reason. What is happening? [FListed]