Joe Budden responded to his ex, Tahiry's allegations that he is a "wife beater" in a conversation with radio host Angela Yee. "I mushed the s--t out of her f--king a-s. And I think she was asking to get mushed. She was dead caught cheating and I was fresh off tour and I was like 'What's up? You're caught, you're busted...I came home and she was wilin' and she drinks every night. She needs an AA meeting probably. She was drunk, she was wilin', big argument, then I found out she was cheating when she went to sleep. It led to where the evidence was laying next her on the bed clear as day...She didn't wanna come clean. She was going and then said something so outrageous to me. She said 'Tell me what you know' and she got her f--king face mushed all the way to the other side of the room.'" Wow. [HipHopWired]

Model Jessica White recently discussed working with Trey Songz on his new video for "Neighbors Know My Name." "The video is gonna be hot, really beautifully done," she said. "It's art, it really is, a video based on art between a man and a woman."[Bossip]

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