Having recently split with NFL star Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian decided to start making some important life changes. "I woke up one day and I was like, it's a new day, I'm a new person, so why not go blond? Let's see if blondes... have more fun." Actually, technically you're the same person everyday, but whatever. "Everyone is loving it," she continued. "They say I look like a different ethnicity, and nobody's been recognizing me." She's totally going to put "Blond" as her ethnicity next time she fills out paperwork. [Bossip]

Canadian singer Fefe Dobson is a big fan of the White Stripes' Jack White. "He's Jack White. He's, I think, a genius in our generation," the 24-year old said. "And I think that he brought rock and roll [into the] mainstream in a lot of ways." We're actually not sure who Fefe is, but we're pretty sure that a) Jack White's not in her generation and b) rock and roll has been kind of big for a while. [MTV]

Busta Rhymes introduced Raekwon's highly anticipated 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2' recently: "To see it come from that? To seein' it come from what y'all are visualizin', which is actually the room that the album is being mastered in...This is the final f---in' glaze bein' laid down on the doughnut, for y'all to just bite into...within a couple weeks." [Youtube]

Sticky Fingaz explained the place his group Onyx holds in hip-hop history: "When I hear these 'Top Five Dead or Alive' lists, Onyx is never included, like they're trying to write us out of the book of hip-hop. Motherf----- - we're the first group to ever have black kids slam-dancing. And even past that - I'm the first person to make a whole movie with an all-rap script." Bad Brains, Sticky. Living Color. The all-rap script thing you can have, though. [ThePhoenix]

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