"I gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids – and I believe Paris is my daughter," said the latest father of Michael Jackson's kids, 'Oliver!' actor Mark Lester. [Newsoftheworld]

"I love what I do and I take it very seriously," Young Jeezy said in a recent interview. "Now I feel bigger, better and I still feel 'hood...I'm the only dude that can tell you 'My President Is Black,' 'I'm a Soul Survivor' and I'm from the 'Bottom of the Map.'" We still don't know what that really means, though. [MTV]

After getting snuffed by Raekwon, Joe Budden hopped on the net to vlog about the experience and gossip discuss with fans: "It wasn't my eye, it was like the side of my eye or some s---. What I'm a have, a black side of my eye?" Oh, that's much less embarrassing. [Youtube]

'The Hills' star Heidi Montag had the rare opportunity make high art recently, shooting the cover of Playboy. Her husband Spencer Pratt was super supportive of her choice. "See her powerful curves," he said. "They are powerful! It's an honor. I feel like I did something great, like I should get a trophy!...[The photos are] beautiful art...Not, like, Picasso art - real beautiful art, you know what I'm saying?" [MTV]