Joe Budden and retired rapper Saigon have been throwing shots at each other for over a year now, but it looks like it's finally gotten interesting.

The beef started when Budden mentioned Saigon's name in a punchline, which "The Yardfather" reasonably responded to by threatening to "Slap EARTH, WIND and FIRE out of HIM." The two then traded light diss tracks, which amounted to little jabs compared to the haymaker Saigon threw Budden's way with his latest freestyle, 'Pushin Buttons,' which can be heard here.

Over Wu Tang Clan's 'Protect Ya Neck' beat, Sai verbally murdered Joe, in easily the best diss since Nas ethered Jay. He pulling no punches, whether dismissing Joe's record deal, "Talking bout he doing it big on Amalgam Digital," his buzz, "You got a nice little buzz on the message boards/But your s--- is collecting dust in the record stores," his history of mental illness, "He buy, bi-curious," his adlibs or even his "gay" son.

Just Blaze, who executive produced Saigon's forthcoming album 'The Greatest Story Ever Told,' and also helmed Budden's hit 'Pump It Up,' quickly stepped in, claiming the "Joe Budden/saigon conversation has take n place" via his Twitter account (modern beef...) late last night. However, Saigon says this conversation never took place. "Nah that's what Just Blaze wants to happen in his heart," he said. "I don't know where he got that information from but that's totally bulls---." He continued to tell XXL magazine, "He just doesn't wanna see it go past -- you know just been around me and a lot of my people -- and he doesn't wanna see it go anywhere other than wax. And he knows that's very, very, very likely gonna happen."

Meanwhile, Budden has a show in New York tonight with his crew, Slaughterhouse, which includes Joell Ortiz, Royce and Crooked I. Though Saigon has threatened to "see" Joe several times over the course of the beef, he claims he won't be making an appearance tonight to settle thing onstage. "There's really no need to be there, " Saigon said. "I would love to see the show as a hip-hop fan -- they all talented people -- I wanna see what they can come up with, but with that other s--- that's not gonna happen."