Rapper Saigon's relationship with Atlantic Records has come to an end. In a recent interview the Brooklyn rapper detailed moving on from the label. "I just got my release from Atlantic. Literally, a good release, a fair release," he said. "Moving forward, I'm not gonna position myself to where I'm just somebody's artist and they can have me just sitting around not able to put out music. I'm gonna play the game by my rules."

Saigon has been battling with his former label for years over the release of the album 'Greatest Story Never Told,' which sadly lived up to its name and has yet to see the light of day. The album, which dates back to the mid-'00s and was made with producer Just Blaze, was later released from Atlantic's control with Saigon gaining complete ownership.

"When I was talking about quitting it was more so saying that 'I'm quitting playing it their way.' I'm doing it my way from now on." Saigon blamed the lack of support from his label on their interest in building "ringtone making artists."

'The Greatest Story Never Told' is said to be dropping sometime this year under Amalgam Digital and Just Blaze's Fort Knocks Entertainment. Additionally Saigon is gearing up to release 'All In A Day's Work,' which he recorded in just 24 hours.