Russell Simmons has consistently taken on animal rights causes throughout his career, but openly admits that the culture needs to do a better job of grabbing the general public's attention. In turn, he's throwing his support behind a new independent action film centered around the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) - a resistance group that actually promotes direct (and often illegal) action to keep animals alive and free. Entitled 'Bold Native,' the film seeks to bring an animal rights message to the masses through a fun, cinematic thriller.

To lend his hand, Simmons will be plugging the film with an appearance and Q&A at its premiere screening on Monday, July 26 at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City. "We need more creative, fun, impassioned and entertaining movies like 'Bold Native' to drive the important message of animal rights to the masses, " Simmons said.The movie centers around an ALF member that's been accused of domestic terrorism but comes out of hiding to try to form a national resistance to animal abuses. Of course, he has a father that's a very important CEO that needs to race against the clock and find him before the FBI does. 'Bold Native' is clearly going for entertainment first, but there's definitely a serious message in there somewhere.

"'Bold Native' is first and foremost an adventure story about people who risk their freedom for the lives of the innocent and defenseless," said writer/director Denis Hennelly. "While it's a film about a serious subject, it's also a celebration of life, so it has a sense of humor and playfulness that people don't expect."