You may not realize it, but if you're a Janelle Monae fan, you're probably a Roman GianArthur fan, too. You've gotten a taste of his work on Ms. Monae's 2010 album, 'The ArchAndroid,' in which he composed and arranged the album's 'Suite Overtures' and contributed to 'Ba Bop Bye Ya.'

For The Boombox's Live Bytes series, Ms. Monae (and a shy, soft-spoken Esperanza Spalding) introduce GianArthur to a crowd gathered at New York City's MSR Studios. A poised GianArthur launches into his story of lost love, 'Contrition' but he precedes the bitter tale with some sweetness in the form of a brief cover of Lauryn Hill's 'The Sweetest Thing' from the 'Love Jones' movie soundtrack.

Watch Roman GianArthur perform 'Contrition' above and click below to see more Live Bytes performances by the Wondaland Arts artist.