Robin Thicke is accustomed to the spotlight. He grew up with a Hollywood dad and a mom who commanded the stage. The crooner shares personal stories of the two on Centric TV's "As Written," a special that "unlocks the door to the creative process" of R&B and soul artists.

His father, Alan Thicke, a famed actor of "Growing Pains" fame, inspired the soul singer to write his own material, having penned theme songs for '80s TV shows "Diff'rent Strokes" and "Facts of Life."

"He was a comedian and a talk show host and a producer and a writer and a songwriter," Thicke shares in an exclusive preview of the show. "He was kinda more of a renaissance man."

The "Love After War" creator's mother, Gloria Loring, taught him to entertain crowds. "My mom was the performer of the two," he states. "I learned a lot from my mom as a performer. Coincidentally my mother had a big hit ['Friends and Lovers'] in the '80s with a black singer, Carl Anderson. So I guess I was made to make soul music."

"As Written: Robin Thicke" airs Sun., April 29 at 11PM ET on Centric TV.

Watch a Preview of "As Written: Robin Thicke"

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