While Rittz's rapid flow can wow you, it's his gift for storytelling that makes him such a compelling presence on record. That talent is on full display with the Georgia MC's latest single 'White Rapper'.

In the opening verse, Rittz remembers his early obsession with hip-hop and his inspiration to begin rhyming. The music video perfectly accentuates with footage from old home movies featuring Rittz practicing his raps at a young age. As the story progresses, the Strange Music artists details his early struggles and how he almost quit.

Rittz raps, "Open mics where no one’s white / No one likes to clap or give you dap / Clubs you be scared to go inside / Stood at a spot in the hood, 20 miles from home / Waiting to finally hit the stage and blow their mind / Performed for five people or 20 at best / Sending demo tapes to labels, a ton of rejects / A ton of fake record companies execs on my talent / They tried their best to convince me they had something to invest / And just wasting my time, phony managers scamming us / Girlfriend and family, the verdict unanimous / To stop rapping you piece of s--t, it’s not happening / Now act white and grow up, are you try'na embarrass us / So I told that girl bye and was back on my stride / Rhymes kept getting better, my buzz was hard to deny / Almost quit and when I did got introduced to the guy Who put me on, and he been through the same struggle as I / A white rapper."

The final verse sees Rittz reflect on his recent success and status in the game today despite some annoyance he still receives as a white rapper. In spite of any criticism he receives, Rittz makes it clear he earned his spot. "I busted my ass to get respect for my craft," he declares.

Rittz's new album 'Next To Nothing' drops Sept. 9. on Strange Music. You can pre-order it now on iTunes and the official Strange Music online store.