Rita Ora is thinking big. The singer graces the cover of the new issue of SELF magazine and opens up about her plans for world domination.

“I see myself as a 360 artist, not just one-laned. I like to do everything. I have this vision of building an empire and leaving it to my family," she said before yelling "Dominaaatttion!"

The "Body on Me" singer has her 2012 debut album, Ora, behind her, but she admits her newfound momentum is like being at the beginning again -- and she's going with it.

“I’m treating this as if it were my debut,” she said. “It’s like I’m starting from scratch. This is the first time everyone will see who Rita Ora is.”

The 24-year-old also spoke about meeting Madonna while shooting the video for Madge's "Bitch I’m Madonna."

“I didn’t know what to expect, because... Madonna,” she said. “Little old Rita, and she’s Madonna. But she flew me out, we shot her video, and she made time to hang out with us afterwards. It was probably one of the best moments of my life.”

While she is usually a busy bee doing shots like that or hitting the studio to record her forthcoming projects, she still finds solace in likely places.

“When I want to relax, I go home, smell my mom’s food and clear my mind,” said the British songstress. “I’ve never been more grateful for sleep than I am at this point. I used to hate it. It took a lot to mentally calm me down. But now I travel with a candle and a little lavender pillow. Obviously, I’m like any other twenty­something: I like to have a drink after my show and things like that, but it’s in moderation. It’s one of those things where the band goes out later and gets hammered, and you’ve got to be the one who just goes to bed.”

Self-care is key. “It’s like you’re an athlete. I’m not running a marathon, but I’m doing it in my own way. You really have to take care of your body so you can survive.”

And her technique seems to be working.

“I feel my strongest onstage,” she said. “I still, to this day, do not know anything better. And when I’ve been really good with my body -- no alcohol, no late nights, watching my diet, drinking water … I start feeling like a superhero!”

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