Sex doesn't always sell, but it certainly makes for some intriguing art. We're looking at the some of the most risqué covers ever to grace hip-hop and R&B albums in the gallery below.

Artists have long been known for pushing creative boundaries, particularly as it pertains to sex. Sometimes it gets them banned; other times the imagery only serves to heighten the intrigue about their music. In the best cases, it does a bit of both. Which is why there's some overlap between this list and our look at the most controversial album covers in hip-hop history.

We've gathered some of the most risqué covers – from Lil Kim's iconic debut, Hardcore, which went on to influence numerous covers after it, including another cover on our list, Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" single;  to Trina's jaw-dropping debut cover for Da Baddest Bitch.

Of course, it isn't always only the women who embrace risqué imagery. 2 Live Crew made a career of it, and Ice-T has never been a stranger to controversy in that arena, either. Did the "risqué" imagery sometimes border on exploitative? Sure. Even still, album artwork has long been the source of spirited dialogue, as has been the case with a few of these covers.

Take a look at our roundup of some of the most risqué covers ever produced.

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