The death of DJ Crazy Toones at age 45 was a shock to hip-hop fans everywhere. Crazy Toones (born Lamar Calhoun) was the longtime DJ for Ice Cube; and he was a founding member of WC and the Maad Circle, the acclaimed hip-hop group out of Los Angeles that was fronted by WC, Toones' brother.

WC and the Maad Circle was one of the more consistent acts of their era, even if widespread mainstream success proved elusive. Alongside group members Sir Jinx and Coolio, who would go on to solo superstardom, WC and DJ Crazy Toones were mainstays of 90s West Coast hip-hop. So in recognition of his legacy, here are five classic WC and the Maad Circle videos.

  • "Ain't a Damn Thing Changed"

    One of the most well-known tracks from WC and the Maad Circle, it perfectly captures the swagger of early 90s Cali rap; with WC, Coolio and Crazy Toones laying it down for anybody who didn't know what time it was.

  • "The One"

    With Coolio now departed for a solo career, WC, Sir Jinx and Crazy Toones dropped this heater that featured WC announcing himself to anyone who still hadn't been paying attention.

  • "West Up"

    In the mid-90s, West Coast hip-hop was throwing up the "W" left and right, as the overhyped East/West beef led to some serious regionalism. So of course, WC made sure to rep for his coast and his folks.

  • "Ghetto Serenade"

    WC and the Maad Circle dive into a well-worn topic for rappers: girls who didn't give them the time of day before they became rappers. WC describes what it was like for him when he had nothing and couldn't get a phone number. Things done changed.

  • "Dress Code"

    On this classic, WC and the crew tackle the issue of stereotyping via nightclub dress codes. We couldn't agree more: rocking his khakis and kicks shouldn't keep WC from having a good time.

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