Ray J
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R&B singer Ray J is on the verge. He's come to the precipice -- a space between household stardom and total collapse -- several times in his career. But this time, the smile-inducing performer might have something Big on his hands.

"I Hit It First," Ray J's latest single, has been the topic of conversation everywhere the past few days. The song, which is presumably about Kim Kardashian, boasts a frenetic '90s-style rhyme scheme, and some very tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

In case you don't remember, Ray J made an infamous sex tape with the celebrity socialite back in 2003.

Since then, the singer's career has taken odd twists and turns while Kardashian has made millions on reality TV. We wanted to find out if Ray J still hasn't gotten over his old fame, or if he was just having a little fun.

Everybody is talking about "I Hit It First." You say it's not about Kim K. But...

It's about life. People are misunderstanding me when I say that it's not about -- it's about me -- I'm not saying it's not about anybody. But the main subject is about me and how turnt up I am and just my lifestyle and what I've been through ... more so than anything.

I like the album art a lot. I think it's very artsy.

You know we wanted to do something that might be modeled in the Getty museum; we wanted to take it to a creative place where nobody's ever taken it before.

It's pretty cool. You know ... some people say it's a picture of Kim K that you just pixelated.

And some people say it's Basquiat ... [Laughs loudly]. People have their own opinions about everything, you feel me?

In the song, you sing 'I had her going North and her ass going South, but now baby choose to go West.' There's a lot of emphasis on 'West', can you talk about that?

You know I wanted to represent the West Coast as best -- you know as much as I could. So that was pretty much throwin' up the W.

Have you ever met Kanye West?

Yeah, he's a great dude. I have nothing but respect. Even in these interviews I don't really go into a lot of detail about that situation because it's not my place to. For me it's staying focused on the concept at hand and to me that's Ray J, that's this wild lifestyle that we live and the experiences that we have within this lifestyle.

I don't think Kanye's mad at you for releasing 'I Hit It First.'

If I was anybody listening to the song I would be like, 'This kid is keeping it real.'

I think you're keeping it real, I think you are.

Spread the word! It's the AOL love and there's no love like AOL love.

Thank you. But even in "Clique" Kanye says, "Break records at Louis, eat breakfast at Gucci, my girl's a superstar all from a home movie." So he credits you with how he met Kim Kardashian. He would have never heard of her before if it weren't for you.

That kid is keeping it real.

He's keeping it real and so are you. Now there's another quote I want to ask you about. 'And if you were to come back to me girl, we'll make another movie.' Do you miss Kim?

Well listen, I have a talent agency, so for me it's kind of like, if you come back to the agency there's a lot more movie opportunities that might take place when you come back to the agency. So I mean, people have to look at it a lot more from a business stand than anything else. We have clients, we have great people that we try to help make their dreams come true, so it was one of those kind of lines.

Would you ever make another sex tape?

No man, I'm done. That was a time in our life where we took something negative and we tried to spin it into something positive in our life and we tried to move forward. And that's what we did and now looking back, we were just having fun. We're taking things that happened in our life and we're poking fun at it, we're laughing at it, we're giving the crowd something to talk about and enjoy and laugh and that's what this is. And I can't wait for people to see the video because it's one of those ... people watch SNL, people watch other stuff that you can look at and sort of chuckle at. That's what this is. It's nothing more than that. Lighten up, let's have fun, let's go into spring and summer the right way.

So would Ray J ever want to do SNL?

I would love to do SNL. I would actually love to hang out with the girl ... she's probably married but ... what's her name? Tina? Oh, she's hot.

Tina Fey!?

She's married? Well, she's off limits. But she's hot, she's creative.

The woman from 30 Rock?


Tina Fey.

Love a funny, intelligent, independent woman. I love the glasses, I love her sense of humor, I love her dry humor and I kind of like her swag, you know, she's sexy.

She's kind of dorky too, you like dorky girls?

Love dorky women. Oh my god. I love a woman with a good head on her shoulders if you know what I mean.

Hey, have you ever met Kris Humphries?

Yeah, one time.

Was he cool to you?

I mean he's a great guy, a great athlete, I have nothing but respect.

You're a nice guy, Ray J.

You know, I'm a good guy. I think people look at me in a different way until they talk to me or get to know me. Listen -- we party, we have fun, we live life to the fullest. But we're also professional, we also wake up every day and stay on time for our meetings and we also have a structure and a certain structure and a certain substance behind the brand. It's not just luck.

Do you feel like Kim Kardashian owes you a lot for her fame?

I feel like everybody that's successful owes everything to God.

Are you happy for Kim and Kanye with their baby on the way?

I'm happy for everybody.

Are you happy it's not your baby?

I'm happy for everybody, I'm happy for all of my baby girls that I love in this world.

Any baby girls you want to give a shout out to?

Um, I want to give a shout out to the girl from 30 Rock.

Tina Fey.

I don't know her yet, but she's definitely my baby girl.

Alright, we'll try and hook that up.

No she's married, so tell her I'm sorry, that I respect her talent.

Yeah. Ray J, your last name is Norwood. Are you familiar with the Charles Portis book Norwood?

Nah, I'm not familiar with that.

Well there's this guy named Charles Portis and he wrote a book called True Grit, it was a big movie like two years ago.

Ah yeah, that's the, um – who played the guy in True Grit?

Jeff Bridges.

It was him and like a young girl, right? I watched that movie, it was pretty good.

Yeah, so you should check out Norwood. It's about a young man who enjoys the company of ladies and he goes on an excursion.



Is that a good movie to write?

Yeah, it would be. You should check it out.

Alright, I'll check it out. Norwood by Clin – Clinnon – Clinnon Portis.

Charles Portis.

Oh shit, alright. Charles Portis.

Tell me about what you're doing with Bad Girls Club.

The biggest show on Oxygen right now, their biggest franchise. 14 of the baddest bad girls coming together to battle for the crown and for a lot, a lot of money.

Are you ever worried when you're around them that they might beat you up?

Well there were a couple times where I almost got beat up, so you know, it's a must see show. It's something that I think people are going to gravitate to. Not only because of the controversy and the emotional rollercoaster but just because of the motives that the girls have and the reason that they're trying to win the money and stuff like that. It's a really, really good show.

You have any girlfriends right now?

Right now I'm working, right now I'm working. Right now I'm hustling.

Has that kind of been your life motto? When you're working you're not with anybody?

Yeah, it's almost like not having sex before a game. You've got to keep your mind clear.

Because there are terrible repercussions if you do.

Yeah, and you know relationships take a lot of energy and you know you don't want to be tired when you're going into work. You want to have a clear mind, get money and f' the rest.