An overlooked facet of rap is how it magically predicts the future at times. Jay Z foretold his own rise on the New York Times bestseller list with his 'Decoded' autobiography when he released 1998's 'Money, Cash, Hoes.' Years later, Jeezy predicted Barack Obama's inauguration on 'My President.'

Some predictions -- far too many -- fall in line with tragedy. The live-fast-and-die-young mentality sounds cool to many of hip-hop's young demographic, but there's nothing glorious about the unfulfilled potential of an artist's life cut short.

Part of the legacy of artists like Tupac Shakur and Big L is how they chillingly and almost accurately predicted their own demise. Death isn't too far from some of these artists with their inner city beginnings, but when it caught them, the aftermath left fans shocked despite their premonitions. Check out Rappers Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Death by clicking the link below.