For fans of hip-hop, a rapper making the transition into acting comes as little surprise since virtually every aspect of his or her behavior on record, and on stage, qualifies as a something of a theatrical performance. Suffice it to say Hollywood is well aware of this. The mutually beneficial relationship between Hollywood and hip-hop has allowed movie studios to leverage rappers' music celebrity to get more asses in theater seats while rappers have been given a chance at paydays that far outweigh what they'd see in a royalty check.

In Ice Cube's latest movie 'Ride Along,' he stars alongside Kevin Hart and plays the kind of cop he might have complained about in his N.W.A. days. It’s a testament to his considerable abilities that he almost makes us forget the young upstart who once said 'F--k the Police.' With the film currently at No. 1 at the box office The Boombox decided to look at his career and 14 others rappers who've made the successful transition into Hollywood stars.

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