The New York Police Department had its biggest gun bust in the city's history recently and it's all tied to a Brooklyn rap hopeful who uploaded foolhardy photos to his Instagram account. They have since been removed.

According to the 'New York Daily News,' rapper Neno Best (real name Matthew Best) was posting Instagram photos and YouTube videos alluding to his selling of firearms at his Ocean Hill studio. Upon seeing them, NYPD narcotics investigators sent undercover officers to the location, which led to the uncovering of a multi-state gun ring.

The 'Daily News' reports that two men, Walter Walker of Sanford, N.C., and Earl Campbell of Rock Hill, S.C., were running the weaponry up to New York, where they were being flipped for three times the price. In all, officers seized a total of 243 handguns, two shotguns, and nine rifles, which you can view at the 'Daily News' website.

You can view some of the Instagram photos used in the investigation below. The full breakdown of the arrests and investigation can be viewed here. In all, 19 people were arrested in connection to the gun ring with 552 counts in the indictment.