Up-and-coming rapper Big B'z was arrested for his alleged involvement in a $414,000 identity-theft ring in New York on Tuesday (April 26).

Along with Big B'z, whose real name is Larry Dathan, prosecutors also charged 39 members of the Bloods-affiliated gang, aka "The Pop Out Boyz," with allegedly running an identity-theft ring, which focused on making purchases with stolen credit card accounts at Barneys.

Police say "The Pop Out Boys" bought and resold Goyard handbags and other items to fund their trips to California, Georgia and Miami. According to the New York Daily News, their gang name refers to their flashy lifestyle. “They sort of pop out, wearing expensive clothes, a lot of popping the cork on champagne bottles,” said NYPD Inspector Joseph Dowling.

Detectives executed eight search warrants and discovered five handguns and five “credit card mills,” which included credit-card making equipment, computers and stacks of cash.

Big B'z recently dropped a song called “Trapping out da Uber” where he raps about committing crimes while using the popular car service. Apparently, the song had a literal interpretation.

There's no word if Big B'z hired a lawyer in his case.

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