Aziz Ansari as RaaaaaaaandyRaaaaaaaandy (with eight A's), the alter-ego of funnyman Aziz Ansari, has teamed up with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek for their first-ever hip-hop mixtape. The story goes that Raaaaaaaandy and Sitek reached out to the who's who in the rap community. The pair would lay down the beats, while rap's all-star's would send in their verses. Among those approached were Jay-Z, Ludacris, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Drake, the Clipse, MF Doom, Mos Def and the whole Wu-Tang Clan. In what Raaaaaaaandy calls "the amount of time it takes a jar of mayonnaise to expire" ... a whooping zero of the prospective collaborators replied. Raaaaaaaandy got pissed. Instead of emailing or phoning, he got on the mike himself and penned the track 'Aaaaaaaangry (with eight A's)' calling out, one-by-one, his beef with hip-hop's finest.

"Where's your s---?" Raaaaaaaandy charges at Jay-Z in the leaked track. "Did Coldplay have to wait this long?/ Probably not, but they paid you a lot more/ We're not even paying, but that's besides the point." Raaaaaaaady then attacks Drake's negligence -- "Oh, you hanging out with Justin Bieber all day?/ I saw y'all together on YouTube" -- before giving out the rapper's email address,

"Dr. Dre were you too busy designing your own line of custom overpriced headphones, Beats by Dre Headphones?" Raaaaaaaaandy blames for the lack of communication. "What about some Verses by Dre Verses!" Raaaaaaaaaandy demands before moving on to harass the masked MF Doom. "What happened bro? Can we get a fake MF Doom to do a verse? Something, anything? Send one of the fake ones/ Put a mask on 'em, We don't give a s---!/ Give us a f---ing verse!"

Probably the most hilarious of the bunch is Raaaaaaaaaany's Kanye West shout out. "Quit updating your blog and send us a verse!" he pseudo-raps. "Oh here's a couch I saw' -- Can you sit on your couch and write us a verse real quick! 'Oh here's a picture of a dope treehouse in Scandanavia' ... 'Oh, I'm designing a new shoe with Hugo Boy' -- Hey, why don't you write some lyrics on a shoe, rap them and send us a f---ing verse!"

While the track is a premature leak from the mixtape, it isn't the last we've heard of Sitek and Raaaaaaaandy. To download 'Aaaaaaaangry (with eight A's)' head here or here.