questloveOne of Twitter's most prolific participants, Roots drummer Questlove, found himself at the center of a controversy on Thursday after uploading a picture taken inside the NBC cafeteria. The TwitPic in question was of a sign boasting the company's Black History Month-themed menu, which included fried chicken, collard greens and jalapeno cornbread, among other soul food items.

Although the de facto 'Late Night' band leader posted only the message "Hmm HR?" alongside the photo, it immediately traveled across the blogosphere, sparking heated debate among writers and commenters. Some believed the menu was merely honoring black culture, while others felt the company was being insensitive to racial stereotypes. Even comedian Wanda Sykes chimed in, mocking the menu during a segment on 'The Jay Leno Show'.
Realizing the controversy was bringing negative press to his employers, Questlove was quick to begin damage control. During an interview with PopEater, he defended his Twitter feed as being "very tongue-in-cheek," and claimed the tweet was meant to be funny.

For now, Quest admits it may be time for a Twitter break. "I done started something. and now i must put out fire," he wrote.

Watch the PopEater video below.