With the backlash Rich Homie Quan received after flubbing the Notorious B.I.G.'s lyrics during Lil Kim's tribute at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, Roots drummer Questlove took to his Instagram to give his thoughts on the matter. The DJ and percussionist shared that he doesn't blame Rich Homie--he blames the hip-hop community.

“I don’t blame RHQ. I blame us. I don’t mean shame on radio & media programmers either for these diminished returns. I literally mean you and I. We are to blame. We watch what we eat (well “some of us 😏) but won’t treat the music we consume like we do food. You need BALANCE! If you haven’t made a playlist for about 20-50 people in your lifetime (mixtape/spotify/tidal/apple/etc) then you failed hip hop culture. –not sayin you gotta be all deep making Dilla b side Japanese import levels of stuff. But something as simple as “La Di Da Di” can easily be forgotten in these days & times. YOU gotta pay it forward!”

Questo's post goes on to describe how America has created a culture that doesn't appreciate art and real talent.

“We have no more singing groups or bands or crews w major record deals. (if you can barely count 10 fingers worth of worthy acts that give you the chills in 2016?) You in trouble. The #CultOfPersonality stage of entertainment started in 96, & some 20 years later we got more famous people than we have those that effect us.”

According to Questlove, if we don’t “balance this intake” hip hop will never be the same. Catch his full statement below.

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