Questlove is a man of many talents. The drummer, hip-hop celebrity and restauranteur served as a judge on an episode of 'Top Chef' this week.

The Roots member held court over the 'Drumstick Challenge' and judged the contestants on frying up the perfect chicken. Before the chefs cooked up their food, host Padma Lakshmi welcomed a drum line to the kitchen as a table full of drumsticks followed behind them.

"I love  a good drumstick," Questlove told the contestants. "So much so that they're the signature dish on my menu at Hybird. Now we do ours fried but you can make a drumstick a thousand different ways."

Quest recently closed Hybird, a fried chicken and dumpling stand in New York City's Chelsea Market. When the company shut it's doors, he wrote an 800-word goodbye to his creation.

"I love music, I love art, I love literature, theatre, tv, film and smart, big-hearted women (tmi). over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with ideas about food (my new old gal). I can’t exactly remember when it happened but, at some point, I realized that my lego shield had been struck by cupid when I began to hold ferran adria and jiro in the same high regard previously only reserved for say… jay dilla," he wrote.

"But after a lifetime of balancing art and commerce i find myself once again at the fork knife and spoon in the road," he continued. "And unlike my other jobs this venture isn’t survival based (as you know… “I be riding around and getting it”). if anything its from the heart (my real one) and it’s not satisfying that heart it’s not satisfying at all. and so bye bye birdie. chicken, scratched. the killing was kinda akin to throwing your pretty, witty, emo daughter under the bus."

The entertainer, who performs nightly on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' blamed poor sales as the reasoning behind the food stand's closing. Although he’s shutting down the spot, he’s marinating his next food project.