Just in time for Christmas, Questlove and the good folks at Okayplayer released a holiday-themed video detailing the Roots drummer’s hilarious quest for Patti LaBelle’s famous soul food cooking.

For those who don’t know, LaBelle can throw down in the kitchen. The veteran R&B diva has published several cookbooks and posted YouTube videos of herself in the kitchen cooking some of her delicious recipes.

In the story, Quest recalls meeting Ms. Patti, who promised him some of her famous home cooking -- including her fried chicken, mac and cheese and sweet potatoes. Yum!

When he tries to call LaBelle to set up a time to have dinner at her house, he gets a dial tone. This presumed brush off leads Questlove on an insatiable journey to get some of Patti’s cooking by any means necessary.

Nearly a decade after the initial invitation, and after accepting production work for residuals of her famous fried chicken, it appears that Quest’s taste for Patti's food may come to fruition. Or does it?

We're not going to spoil the ending for you, but you have to watch this video from beginning to end -- it’s hilarious.

If you find Questlove’s stories entertaining, then go buy his book, ‘Mo’ Meta Blues.' The memoir features several funny anecdotes by the Roots drummer, including an over-the-top party scene that involves Tracy Morgan. You can purchase the book at Amazon.com.

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