The banger 'OG Bobby Johnson' may be more familiar to rap fans than the man who actually serves the lyrics on the record, rapper Que. However, the Atlanta native is changing that. He wants the supporters and the critics to get to know him -- that much is certain. From his Twitter and Instagram handle -- @whoisque -- to his latest offering ‘Jungle Fever,’ the southern rhymer is intent on giving people a clear definition of what makes him who he is.

‘Jungle Fever’ speaks to Que’s love for white women who work at Cheetah, a gentleman’s club in Atlanta known for its four-star menu and gorgeous performers. In the song, the Atlantic Records signee talks about frequenting Cheetah and spitting game to the dancers. When asked if he was exaggerating for effect, he laughs, telling The Boombox, “S---, yeah, aiight... Come in there and see. ”

That’s where Que’s mindset has been since 2013, trying to get the people familiar with his many layers. His first hit, ‘Young N----,’ from his debut project, ‘Forbes Atlanta,’ actually gave Migos their shot, which helped their popularity grow and even earned them a Drake co-sign. But many say that Que got “lost” on the track -- people thought he was the featured artist, so since then, he’s been adamant about putting himself at the forefront.

Que continues working and building a fan base in Atlanta and the surrounding regions but it wasn’t until September 2013, when he dropped the trunk-rattling ‘OG Bobby Johnson’ that he started to see his own stock rise -- even quicker than expected. The song even had LeBron James singing along on Instagram.

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“A lot of times that you hear me, it’ll be me featured on somebody else’s work,” Que says. “Or someone else being featured on mine so for these I really wanted to display myself on it and have the people hear me instead of the features.”

It’s safe to say that ‘OG’ earned Que his recently inked deal with Atlantic, but he doesn’t plan on coasting now that he finally has a label home. “It’s just more support really,” he shares with a shrug. “All it is now is that I have a powerhouse behind me, a support system that’ll take a little pressure off me. Less work I have to do, more recording, but I ain’t gotta worry about too many things like I used to when I was independent.”

It’s a good place for the ‘Time’ creator, whose ‘Who Is Que’ EP released this week on March 25. He'll deliver a mixtape of the same name in April. Que will also be collaborating with his long-time friend and super-producer Sonny Digital as well as Metro Boomin and the 808 Mafia. There's no games when these guys get in the studio.

“I don’t really have any crazy experiences when it comes to recording,” Que admits. “I just have fun with it. I get in and vibe out with my partners or whoever I’m in there with, the engineers, whoever. We just have a good time.”

Who is Que? By summer, every rap fan ought to know.

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