Mobb Deep member Prodigy has been slowly making his comeback after getting released from prison last month, putting out the new track 'Love Y'all More,' and a reunion collaboration with former associate Nas titled 'Dog S---.' While the two had been beefing for some time, P explained that the music is what deaded their rivalry.

"Yeah, I mean, we've been talking since I've been home, and we put that to the side through this music. This music is crazy right now that we're working on," he told DJ Whoo Kid, revealing that they did several more tracks together. "We did a couple of joints, so it's coming out crazy. The music is more important than anything, all the petty bulls---. So we good on that."

He also reflected on first reuniting with Nas, who appeared on Mobb Deep's classic sophomore album 'The Infamous.' "It was all love, because you know n----s came up together, so it's nothing but love when we see each other, you know what I'm saying?" he said.

P also revealed that he's been working with several other rappers including Curren$y, Jim Jones, Waka Flocka Flame and more. "Me and Curren$y just did a joint on that project right there, so that one is crazy right there. We just finished that up," he said. "We got a joint with Waka Flocka that's crazy. He's from Queens originally, so that was bound to happen right there. We got some surprises in the stash, too. We're going to keep under the hat for right now."

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