Rapper Princess Nokia confronted a racist man on a New York subway and gave him hot soup to go. Footage of the crazy incident surfaced online and went viral on Tuesday (Oct. 10).

According to the Nokia, a white man yelled the N-word at a group of black teens and she, in turn, slapped him in the face. The man called her the N-word in response and that’s when things escalated. In the video above, you can see fellow straphangers come to her aid and eventually kick the man off the train. But not before Nokia threw some hot soup at him.

"Although painful and humiliating we stood together and kicked this disgusting racist off the train so we could ride in peace away from him," Nokia tweeted. "And yes I threw hot soup in this mans face and kicked him off off the train, and kicked in the face. Any other racists wanna try us again?"

"I will do anything to defend the honor of my brothers and sisters," she continued. "I witness blatant racism in public constantly, and it is heartbreaking to witness such hatred and bigotry go Un defended. It take a lot of risks trying to stand up to racist & bigots. Putting yourself in potential danger is scary ASF, esp as a young women. But I be damned if I let some drunk bigot call a group of young teenage boys racist names and allow him to get away with it."

Props to Princess Nokia for standing up to racism. Read her account of the incident below.

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