Post Malone has been facing widespread criticism after suggesting that one shouldn't listen to hip-hop if you want to hear "real s---." He made the comments in a recent interview with with Warsaw, Poland media outlet NewOnce. Today (Nov. 23), Post attempted to address the controversy.

He shared a video on Twitter explaining himself.

“Apparently there’s a lot of people saying that I don’t appreciate hip-hop or that hip-hop has never made me feel anything and I’m referencing this interview I did in Poland while I was on the European tour.”

As the interview apparently happened after a beer-tasting event, Post blames his comments on the alcohol.

“Apparently I said ‘Whenever you wanna feel something, don’t listen to hip-hop,’ and it’s funny because who the fuck am I to tell you ‘don’t listen to this,’ and whenever you wanna feel something ‘don’t listen to this,'" he says.

“What I was saying was, when I wanna sit down and cry I listen to Bob Dylan and his guitar. Just like everyone else, no matter how hard you are, no matter where you’re from, you’re gonna have a time where you sit back and you reflect on your life and you listen to what you wanna listen to. For me, that’s Bob Dylan.”

He went on to defend his own music.

“My last hip-hop album was fucking hip-hop, my next hip-hop album is fucking hip-hop, I love hip-hop, I make hip-hop. I wanna take this genre and stretch it so far that people who may not listen to it listen to it.”

But the "White Iverson" rhymer did continue to criticize what he feels is a lack of substance in hip-hop.

]“A lot of people, except for a handful of artists, are saying the same shit, they’re not saying anything super meaningful … Never once did I say I don’t appreciate hip-hop. I’m just trying to make the music that I love.”

“Rockstar," Malone's hit single with 21 Savage, has topped Billboard’s Hot 100 for six weeks straight.

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