With Pitbull's verbal bounce regularly outshining his peers, it's surprising anyone is brave enough to follow him in the booth.

"People will tell me straight up, 'You know I got love for you, dog, but I can't have you makin' me look crazy on my own record,'" he said while visiting the AOL Music studios in New York. "But that's been happening to me since I started. I had this record called 'Lollipop,' and everybody was on it. Once I did my verse, they're like, 'Take me off of there. Go ahead and let Chico ride.'"

Ironically, it was the bilingual flow on a track by Tego Calderon and The Game that made Pit step his own game up. (And we're not talking about Tego.)

"I hear Game rapping in Spanish, and I'm like, whoa! What is this?" he said. "But when I kept listening to him, I'm like, for someone that don't speak the language, he did a great job, you know? So I hollered at Tego and [the producer] Red Spyda and got the record. That's gonna be something for the streets, as far as Spanish folk."

Pitbull's 'El Mariel' is in stores now, while his Spanish-language album featuring the Game is set for next year.

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