If you're tired of your minimum wage job and am looking to do more, Pell's 'Dollar Store' is the video for you.

Directed by Echomech and the 21-year-old rapper himself, the video delves into Pell's hopes to leave his job at the local drugstore to become a big-time hip-hop star. Aside from shots of him stocking shelves and manning the cash register, we see him casually dressed in dark jeans, red boxers and a dark green button-down shirt.

Hailing from New Orleans, Pell wants to show that there's more to hip-hop than just rapping about parties and luxuries. On 'Dollar Store,' which is produced by Ludwig Goransso of Roc Nation fame, the rapper not only spits rhymes listing all his ambitions as an artist but also give some advice to people who want to chase their dreams, too.

"You and me got lots of time / Don't feign a thing / The world is ours / Me and you / The same as we / Both of us can make believe / So put your foot on the gas / Don't why you in that trying to do the right thing / So put your foot on the breaks and take some time for yourself / And runaway up on this night train," he sings on the chorus.

“I’m excited to release 'Dollar Store' because it’s a true showcase of what to expect on my upcoming project, 'Floating While Dreaming,'” said Pell in a statement. "I aspire to relate to anyone who has had to go through a struggle to achieve true happiness. It’s a key to understanding how I assessed my struggles and conquered them by chasing my dreams. I hope everyone can enjoy and realize they’re getting to know the real me.”

'Dollar Store' is his latest single off his upcoming debut album, 'Floating While Dreaming', set to premiere via iTunes on May 20.