Once upon a time hip-hop beats were largely constructed of short musical phrases sampled from vinyl records and rearranged in collage-like format to create something wholly unique and original.

It was and still is an art form unto itself.

Brooklyn-based producer/performer Party Supplies is the man responsible for Danny Brown's indie hit "Grown Up," as well as Blue Chips, a collabo album with Action Bronson released to much critical acclaim last year.

Much of Party Supplies' appeal has been his nu-school approach to flipping samples, where he literally combs Youtube for material and samples it directly off the computer. But no matter where the Fools Gold signee gets his source material from, the results are typically pretty interesting.

Mass Appeal
-- the recently-relaunched bible of New York downtown cool -- got with the producer for a game of what they call "Rhythm Roulette."

"What's that?" you ask, befuddled.

Basically, they take the producer to Academy Records, blindfold him, then have him take the records home and make something from scratch. The caveat? With the blindfold on, he can wind up picking up any ole' crap from the dusty bins of vinyl.

See if Party Supplies is able to make something cool from what he picks or if he ends up with a big heap of audible trash in the video below.

Watch "Rhythm Roulette" Video

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